New versions of the songs from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
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This project aims to create an alternative, higher quality version of the music from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 for use in OpenRCT2.

Gitter Build Status


Fairground organ style

All of the pieces from the fairground organ style are so old that they fall under public domain.

Theoretical background

A fairground organ is a musical instrument that usually plays by itself. It usually contains a small/medium sized pipe organ with a few different stops, lots of percussion (xylophone, tambourine, triangle, cymbals, multiple kinds of drums) and sometimes a Glockenspiel and/or Bells. The score is provided in form of music rolls or book music.

The fairground organ is limited by its instruments. As all pieces should be in the same style and sound as if they are played by the same fairground organ, all arrangements are limited to the same instruments and the same set of organ registrations (yet to be determined).

Another limitation is the lack of dynamics. Fairground organs usually don't have a swell box, so dynamics are achieved by different registrations. Therefore the LilyPond files do not contain dynamic symbols for the organ parts.


The lists of the pieces of music in the game credits and here are unfortunately not 100% correct. If you know the name of the missing pieces, please let me know!

File Piece of music Status
css4.dat Die Regimentskinder by Julius Fučík Work in progress
css5.dat Serenade by Jonny Heykens Work in progress
css6.dat La Belle Espagnole, Op.103 by Robert Vollstedt Work in progress
css7.dat Dornröschens Brautfahrt by Max Rhode TODO
css8.dat Tales from the Vienna Woods Waltz by Johann Strauss II TODO
css9.dat ? TODO
css11.dat Der Haushamer Plattler (Traditional) 00:00 - 00:52 / ? (Also seems to contain parts of Frohsinn auf den Bergen by Oscar Fetrás and La valse de la forêt) TODO
css12.dat Ma Bella Bimba TODO
css13.dat The Blond Sailor by The Andrews Sisters TODO
css14.dat Overture from Poet and Peasant by Franz von Suppé Work in progress
css15.dat Multiple waltzes by Johann Strauß II: 00:00 Morgenblätter / 01:10 Die Fledermaus - Overture / 01:23 Künstlerleben / 02:09 Wiener Blut / 03:05 The Blue Danube Work in progress

Other music styles

File Style Status
css34.dat Ragtime style Adapted the score from the Mutopia Project
css39.dat Medieval style Own arrangement of the Rondeau from the Abdelazer Suite by Henry Purcell

Most of the other music styles are original compositions for the game, so they can't be recreated. The others can.

Build documentation

The music in this repository has to be built, which works similar to the process of building software. A blog post on how OpenRCT2/OpenMusic is built can be found here:

Build Dependencies


First, generate using the script:

$ ./

Then, run

$ ./

This will build all required files into out/ and the 'official' output to out/release/.

Some build properties can be modified in musictools/