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ruizcw commented Feb 6, 2018

Would it be possible to see if you already "thumbed up" a song by clicking on the menu bar button (to get to the menu, shown in the attached screenshot) via a check mark icon or a thumbs up icon next to the "Thumbs Up" option or via a separate entry within the menu (that would say, for example, "Thumbed Up")? This would be so much easier than having to open a new window by clicking on "Show" every

ttepatti commented Oct 5, 2020

Enhancement Summary

I'd like to be able to "maximize" all of the tabs that appear on the left side of the screen. My Projects, My Samples, My Presets, etc.


The icons only show up as icons until clicked, and I constantly find myself clicking through them to remember which is which. Having an option to have the titles always displayed would be useful.


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