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About the TSDZ2 Flexible OpenSource firmware

The TSDZ2 Flexible OpenSource firmware/embedded software controls the Ebike Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid drive motor (runs inside the TSDZ2 electronic board) and the motor runs more efficient (making it stronger and uses less battery energy), the ebike will be also more responsive, fast and agile.

This firmware is being developed for free by the community of users, where some of this developers work professionally developing this type of technology for very well known companies.

Why should you use

According to the feedback of the users:

  • the TSDZ2 now feels more like the Bosch motor
  • the motor is more efficient, stronger, it's feel like I have a new motor
  • the bike feels very responsive and is very fast and agile whenever you need it to
  • the info which is shown on LCD makes the total package way better
  • this is GOLD. I still have a smile on my face
See here a Youtube video review done by Jbalat user:

See the more users feedback here: Why should you use the Flexible OpenSource firmware on your TSDZ2

Features and configurations

See here the TSDZ2 and KT LCD3 advanced features and the options to configure them:

How to install

See also

  • Please read the TSDZ2 FAQ
  • If you are looking to build the firmware from the sources and help on development, please follow to Development
  • Join us on Endless-sphere forum
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