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Open Source Economics

A platform for transdisciplinary collaboration in the development, analysis, and application of computational economic models.


  1. estimagic Public

    Tools for the estimation of (structural) econometric models.

    Python 102 20

  2. Templates for reproducible economics projects

    Jupyter Notebook 115 52

  3. dags Public

    Tools to create executable dags from interdependent functions.

    Python 9

  4. pybaum Public

    Tools to work with pytrees.

    Python 9 1

  5. pydsge Public

    Forked from gboehl/pydsge

    A package to simulate, filter, and estimate DSGE models with occasionally binding constraints

    Python 3 1

  6. respy Public

    Framework for the simulation and estimation of some finite-horizon discrete choice dynamic programming models.

    Python 56 30


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