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OpenXenManager introduction

OpenXenManager is a full-featured graphical interface to manage Citrix XenServer / Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) hosts through the network.

OpenXenManager is an open-source multiplatform clone of Citrix XenCenter. It is written in Python, using pyGTK for its interface.

The homepage for OpenXenManager is at:

Subscribe to the openxenmanager-announce mailing list for important information and release announcements:

Running OpenXenManager

To launch OpenXenManager simply run the "openxenmanager" script.


  • Python 2.7
  • pyGTK 2.16
  • ConfigObj
  • Raven
  • GTK-VNC (Linux only)

Debian/Ubuntu Linux package dependencies: python2.7 python-gtk2 glade python-gtk-vnc python-glade2 python-configobj python-setuptools python-raven

Gentoo Linux package dependencies: dev-python/pygtk dev-python/configobj net-libs/gtk-vnc dev-lang/python:2.7 dev-python/raven (remember to set "python" USE flag for gtk-vnc!)

macOS dependencies:
brew install pygtk
pip install configobj pip install raven

OpenXenManager runs has been tested to run on Linux or Windows and should work on MacOSX as well.

Help / bug reports

If you have found a bug, please file a detailed report in our bug tracker:

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In addition to submitting bug reports, we will be collecting crash data via No personally identifying data is collected.

For help you can: