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A space for the community to interact and exchange ideas on the OpenZeppelin platform. Do not use in production!
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extensibility-study added child-upgradeability scenario, folder structure Apr 19, 2018
initializable_with_multiple_inheritance Best practice for Initializable interface with multiple inheritance May 5, 2018
initializable_with_multiple_inheritance_alt add alternative approach to fix initializable for multiple inheritance May 7, 2018
initializable_with_multiple_inheritance_safer add an attempt at a safer and better Initializable May 7, 2018
initializer_contracts fix `to` field of contract creation transaction Jul 20, 2018
initializer_contracts_with_args Add sample contracts Jul 25, 2018
initializer_with_sol_editing Test with ERC20 and ERC721 contracts Jul 25, 2018
migrating_legacy_token_managed finalize managed example, and update opt-in example Apr 19, 2018
migrating_legacy_token_opt_in Tweaks based on feeback Jun 27, 2018
scripts Improve global test script to fail if any of the child projects fail Feb 26, 2018
upgradeability_ownership Update old package names Apr 16, 2018
upgradeability_using_eternal_storage Update proxy contracts Apr 9, 2018
upgradeability_using_inherited_storage Update proxy contracts Apr 9, 2018
upgradeability_using_unstructured_storage Rename fixed storage project to unstructured storage Apr 16, 2018
.gitattributes add syntax highlighting in github web Apr 5, 2018
.gitignore Ignore build folders Mar 28, 2018
LICENSE Create LICENSE Apr 18, 2018 Update Jul 19, 2019
package-lock.json Split every upgradeability approach in a project itself Jan 27, 2018
package.json Split every upgradeability approach in a project itself Jan 27, 2018

OpenZeppelin Labs


OpenZeppelin labs is a space for the community to interact, exchange ideas, and get involved in the development of the OpenZeppelin Platform as soon as possible. Any code here is not meant for production use. Check out the openzeppelin-sdk and openzeppelin-contracts for production-ready code to use in your project.

Over time, we'll be introducing various components of the platform to our Github repo. We invite you to collaborate on how the platform will be designed and function. To participate, you can submit thoughts, ideas, and proposals in the form of pull requests and Github issues.


This repository holds many strategies, approaches and study cases that we are investigating and developing in favor of the OpenZeppelin SDK. Each experiment should be a project itself so we can make sure their contracts and configurations don't conflict between each other.

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