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OOS Utils

In most applications they're a common set of methods that developers consistently have to re-write. Things such as is_number(p_string), download_file(p_blob), etc. Not only does this add development time to projects, each iteration may have slight differences. The worst is that some of which even have bugs!

Enter OOS Utils. OOS Utils provides a common set of PL/SQL utility methods that remove the need for the creation of common methods in each application. Check out the docs below to see the complete list of methods OOS Utils provides. Never re-develop common methods again!


  • Read The Docs which displays it in a nice, searchable format
  • MD files in the docs folder


For quick install of the latest version of OOS Utils using SQLcl run the following in SQLcl:


If you want to download a copy and install from a local file go to the Install folder for instructions and installation file(s).


If you have a recommendations, please add your idea and/or snippet examples as an issue.

Starting with 1.1.0 all PRs should be the appropriate release branch rather than master.


If you are working on OOS Utils and want to test your build go to the build folder for instructions.