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KOLANICH commented Jan 11, 2019

Sometimes it is needed to store compressed data in the DB. Unfortunately not all the DBs have built-in compression and FUSE compressed FSes are not available for every OS. So it may make sense to store compressed binary blobs in the DB.

Unfortunately when one sees them in DBeaver he sees them compressed, but often they are needed uncompressed. So it'd be nice to have a feature to decompress the

boris-turk commented Oct 25, 2020


is it possible to define enum mappings WITHOUT using attributes, maybe with some kind of fluent API? The only possibility I see right now is to use the MapValue attribute:

public enum Gender
	[MapValue("M")] Male,
	[MapValue("F")] Female,
	[MapValue("U")] Unknown,
	[MapValue("O")] Other,

But I don't like this approach (see my longer explanation below). Thank you in

franono commented Nov 20, 2020

At the moment the flux_monitor metrics have a label called job_spec_id. My idea is to also add the job's respective flux monitor contract address.

flux_monitor_reported_round{job_spec_id="0f9c2a2119a941a39d85e0ca2b1b5ce7"} 213
flux_monitor_reported_round{job_spec_id="0f9c2a2119a941a39d85e0ca2b1b5ce7",address="0x123..."} 213


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K8Cscan大型内网渗透自定义插件化扫描神器,包含信息收集、网络资产、漏洞扫描、密码爆破、漏洞利用,程序采用多线程批量扫描大型内网多个IP段C段主机,目前插件包含: C段旁注扫描、子域名扫描、Ftp密码爆破、Mysql密码爆破、Oracle密码爆破、MSSQL密码爆破、Windows/Linux系统密码爆破、存活主机扫描、端口扫描、Web信息探测、操作系统版本探测、Cisco思科设备扫描等,支持调用任意外部程序或脚本,支持Cobalt Strike联动

  • Updated Dec 25, 2019
  • Python

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