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Orangescrum is a simple yet powerful free and open source project management software that helps team to organize their tasks, projects and deliver more.


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Free, open source Project Management software


Orangescrum is the simple yet powerful free and open source project management software that allows teams to organize their tasks, projects and resources with real time project collaboration. Track the task progress and get notifications on their completion with the Orangescrum project management tool. Get the complete picture of all tasks and team activities in real-time. Orangescrum also offers SaaS/Cloud edition and an option to upgrade the community edition to enterprise self-hosted edition.

Orangescrum open-source is a flexible project management web application written using CakePHP.

New features, enhancements, and updates are released on a regular basis.

Pull requests and bug reports are always welcome!

Visit our website to get a free trial of the premium service.


Orangescrum provides the rich set features of Project Management.

The key features are:

Task List View


Add/Edit Task Form View


Task Details View


Project Card View


Dashboard View


We use Orangescrum in our daily jobs to manage our customers information, projects. It is deployed in the production environment of our premium users, and we supported several organizations to deploy this community version on their servers as well. We take care of our open source edition similar than we do for our cloud/enterprise self-hosted edition, in fact both of them use the same code base structure. So feel free to use it in your organization or business!

System Requirements

  • Apache with mod_rewrite
    • Enable curl in php.ini
    • Change the 'post_max_size' and upload_max_filesize to 200Mb in php.ini
  • PHP 7.2
  • cakephp 2.8
  • MySQL 5.6 or 5.7
    • If STRICT mode is On, turn it Off.

How to Download the Package from Orangescrum GitHub repository?

To download the Orangescrum Open-source package from the GitHub repository, please follow the process:

  • Go to xampp/htdocs HTDOCS
  • Open git bash here. (As shown in below image) GitBash
  • Go to your GitHub account and search for Orangescrum. Or click here to find the Orangscrum Repository. Click-On-Codes.png
  • Click on the code and copy the link.
  • Go to git bash terminal and add Command line: git clone (the link you have copied from GitHub) Copy-the-link
  • Click on enter. Orangescrum folder will be generated inside your htdocs.
  • Otherwise, download the zip file and extract the file inside your htdocs. Download-the-Zip


  • Extract the archive. Upload the extracted folder(orangescrum-master) to your working directory.
  • Provide proper write permission to "app/Config", "app/tmp" and "app/webroot" folders and their sub-folders. Ex. chmod -R 0777 app/Config, chmod -R 0777 app/tmp, chmod -R 0777 app/webroot You can change the write permission of "app/Config" folder after installation procedure is completed.
  • Create a new MySQL database named "orangescrum"(utf8_unicode_ci collation).
  • Get the database.sql file from the root directory and import that to your database.
  • Locate your app directory, do the changes on following files:
    • app/Config/database.php - We have already updated the database name as "Orangescrum" which you can change at any point. In order to change it, just create a database using any name and update that name as database in DATABASE_CONFIG section. And also you can set a password for your Mysql login which you will have to update in the same page as password. [Required]
  • Run the application as from your browser and start using Orangescrum

For more information please visit below link:

Supported Languages

Orangescrum community edition supports the following languages:

  • Danish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


New features, enhancements, and updates appear on a regular basis. You just need to follow these checkpoints:

Make sure to take a backup of your database and files Replace all files in your directory with the updated version.

Users can check the new releases at:


Need help to set up Orangescrum? Want to know more about cool enhancements? Feel free to visit our community forum. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get any important announcements and releases.

Report bugs

Did you find a bug? please create an issue for it before starting any work on a pull request.

Support / Contact

Get in touch with us here. We are available for any type of support, queries or help at all times. Feel free to join our discussion forums as well!


Orangescrum open-source project management software is ideal for small teams or for individual usage.