C1 CMS Foundation - .NET based, open source and a bundle of joy!
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C1 CMS FoundationReviews here...!

C1 CMS Foundation - a .NET based Web Content Management System, open source and a bundle of joy!

screen shots from the new C1 user interface (the C1 Console)

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/Orckestra/C1-CMS

Getting started

Visit http://docs.c1.orckestra.com/Getting-started/Guide


Download binaries from https://github.com/Orckestra/CMS-Foundation/releases/latest


Head over to https://gitter.im/Orckestra/C1-CMS or add an issue

Who are we?

Orckestra is the company driving the development of C1 CMS Foundation. We have a team working full time on this CMS and on other cool stuff you can add to it. We are situated in Montreal, Copenhagen and Kiev. We specialize in enterprise omni channel commerce software.

You can visit us at http://c1.orckestra.com and http://www.orckestra.com/