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@schrink schrink released this Apr 9, 2018 · 1961 commits to develop since this release

V0.5.0a “Ranger” release notes

Release date: April 9th, 2018

This release introduces a generalized graph structure document that is able to cover a wide range of use cases. We had a major update of the graph logic based on usage insights and partner companies' suggestions.

We also implemented a more advanced challenging mechanism (DC sending challenges to DH) and improved payment mechanism that allows DH to pick up the agreement fee anytime with a single transaction.

Above all we did a major refactoring of the code making it much more scalable and production ready. A new improved version of Kademlia protocol was implemented, including numerous protections to mitigate DoS, Sybil and Eclipse attacks. We introduced better organization of the database and switched full messaging from API to Kademlia direct messages.

New features:

  • Documented Graph structure
  • Improved payment mechanism
  • Full Kademlia implementation
  • DoS protection
  • Sybil and Eclipse attacks protection
  • Automatic NAT traversal
  • Cryptographic Identities
  • RSA keys generation and HTTPS transport for Kademlia
  • Reduced number of servers to only one (change from IPC + RPC to just OT node)
  • Possibility to connect several nodes
  • Introduced SQLite instead of MongoDB for System storage including database agnostic interface
  • Database migrations
  • Transaction Queue
  • Improved unit tests coverage of the code


  • Transaction collisions fixed
  • Major refactor of the code
  • Most functions documented in the code (docblocks)
  • Better logging system
  • Many of deprecated packages have been replaced

NOTE: This release brings many breaking changes so the installation instructions will be updated in the following days!

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