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Oswald Labs Platform

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Oswald Labs Platform is a set of open, extensible APIs and SDKs to build apps. This repository contains (some) code that runs on our servers, primarily serving as a wrapper around various APIs and to prevent API key exposion. Most APIs available here are free for public use with rate limits.


GET https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/ip/

Send an IP address to get its location and organizational information:

    "ip": "",
    "hostname": "google-public-dns-a.google.com",
    "city": "Mountain View",
    "region": "California",
    "country": "US",
    "loc": "37.3860,-122.0840",
    "postal": "94035",
    "phone": "650",
    "org": "AS15169 Google LLC"

GET https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/geocode/52.2090558/6.8687985

Send GPS cordinates for reverse geocoding, i.e. name in words:

    "results": [
            "address_components": [],
            "formatted_address": "Wicher Nijkampstraat 81, 7545 XP Enschede, Netherlands",
            "place_id": "ChIJH8AwmZwTuEcR3kVAYbdSKW4",
            "plus_code": {
                "compound_code": "6V59+MF Enschede, Netherlands",
                "global_code": "9F486V59+MF"

POST https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/objects

Send an image (data URI as JSON body param dataUri) to get object detection tags with accuracy:

    "labels": [
            "Name": "Campus",
            "Confidence": 70.03408813476562
            "Name": "Architecture",
            "Confidence": 69.32366180419922
            "Name": "Building",
            "Confidence": 69.32366180419922

GET https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/translate/fr/Hello

Send a string to translate it to another language:

    "translatedText": "Bonjour",
    "detectedSourceLanguage": "en",
    "originalText": "Hello"

GET https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/reader/https%3A%2F%2Fexample.com

Send a webpage/article URL to get its main content/reader view:

    "title": "Example Domain",
    "author": null,
    "date_published": null,
    "dek": null,
    "lead_image_url": null,
    "content": "<div> <p>This domain is established....</p> </div>",
    "next_page_url": null,
    "url": "https://example.com",
    "domain": "example.com",
    "excerpt": "This domain is established to be used for...",
    "word_count": 28,
    "direction": "ltr",
    "total_pages": 1,
    "rendered_pages": 1

GET https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/image/india

Get the best (probably free-to-use) image for a search query from Wikimedia Commons, fallback to Bing:

<img alt="India image" src="https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/image/india">

GET https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/screenshot/https%3A%2F%2Fgoogle.com

Generate a screenshot of the given URL:

<img alt="India image" src="https://platform.oswaldlabs.com/v1/screenshot/https%3A%2F%2Fgoogle.com">

API limits

These APIs are free for public usage with the following rate limits (requests slow down after 500 requests/15 minutes):

Usage type Rate limit Total limit
Without API key 100 requests/minute No daily/monthly limits
With API key No rate limits 1,000,000 monthly limit

When you're using authenticated endpoints, use /secure/* instead of /v1/* to avoid all rate limits and send your API key as x-api-key in the header. API keys are available for free to Oswald Labs Accelerator startups and our partners. Custom-priced API keys are available for everyone else; get in touch to request one.


Usage of these APIs is free, and we don't collect any personally identifiable information. We do, however, track metrics using Google Analytics. This helps us scale and understand where/how often the platform is being used. The cookie _ga or oswald_labs_platform is used by Google Analytics. We also use Cloudflare to cache requests as our CDN, primarily for static resources. Cloudflare uses the __cfduid cookie for security; again, no personal information is collected.