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This is a sample application to control Cheerson CX10-WD drone from desktop using keyboard or a XInput Device (i.e. XBoxController)

Download from Here the Latest version

Stream/Record Video

In order to stream or record video you need to download FFPLAY and FFMPEG for your platform and put the two binaries (ffmpeg and ffplay) contained in the archive in the same folder of the drone_protocol.jar. i.e.

C:\users\sample\Desktop\cx10\ will contain

  • drone_protocol.jar
  • ffmpeg.exe
  • ffplay.exe

or on MacOSX/Linux /users/sample/Desktop/cx10/ will contain

  • drone_protocol.jar
  • ffmpeg
  • ffplay

Keyboard Controls

  • Up arrow = Take Off
  • Down arrow = Land
  • W, A, S, D = Left stick
  • I, J, K, L = Right stick