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Official packages

Ubuntu PPAs:

Many Linux distributions: AppImage on

ROSA Linux: urpmi otter-browser /

OpenBSD: pkg_add otter-browser

Beta releases are officially packaged for OpenBSD by the Otter porting team. You can obtain the latest beta release by issuing the command provided above.

FreeBSD: pkg install otter-browser

Official packages are maintained by the KDE/FreeBSD team.

Gentoo: emerge www-client/otter

Unofficial packages

Arch Linux: AUR packages for the release version (by boenki), weekly release (by m4sk1n) or the most recent revision (by Barthalion, maintained by m4sk1n [previously by eworm])

CentOS/EL 7: Enable nux-dextop repo then yum install otter-browser (backported from Fedora)

Fedora: (by martinkg)

openSUSE: (by Fisiu and malcolmlewis)

SparkyLinux: Add Sparky testing ( repo then apt-get install otter-browser

VoidLinux: xbps-install otter-browser Template for otter-browser

Mac OS X: 10.7+ only. You should disable Gatekeeper by Allowing applications from anywhere to install. Mac OS X Packages (by BugraK) unmaintained since beta 8

If you have created packages and want to include links to them here then please notify me, preferred way is to ping Emdek at #otter-browser at freenode.

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