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	Combat tag is a plugin for bukkit which prevents pvp loggers from getting away with logging.
	This plugin was originally created by marinating. Trc is the old manager. Cheddar262 is currently managing the plugin.

Config file explanation:

npcName: This is the name of the NPC that you want to spawn. If you input "number", it will replace "number" with the NPC's number. If you put "player", it will replace "player" with the player's name. You can also put something like "playernumberxx". If I were to pvp log the NPC would be named something like "cheddar2621xx". If you don't put "player" or "number", the plugin will automatically append a number to the end of the name.
Beware: Putting the NPC name as just "player" will cause an incompatibility with Heroes, but it will allow their skins to show.

disabledWorlds: Worlds which will not spawn NPCs

Tag-Duration: Amount of seconds for a combat tag to last

disabledCommands: Commands which are disabled while in combat. Example: [/warp,/home,/spawn]

Enable-Debugging: Debug mode on/off

Version: Version of the plugin. DO NOT TOUCH THIS!

InstaKill: Whether a person automatically dies when they PvP log (true) or if it'll spawn an NPC (false)

npcDespawnTime: The time it takes for and Npc to despawn in seconds after the person pvp logs. "-1" for the npcs not to despawn. (CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVE)

blockEditWhileTagged: Whether people can edit blocks while tagged or not.

npcDieAfterTime: If the npc (when it despawns due to npcDespawnTime) dies and drops their stuff (true) or the npc despawns and the person keeps their stuff (false)

tagMessageDamaged: Allows server owners to set custom tag messages. Sent to attacked person. [player] is replaced by player who hit them.

dontSpawnInWG: If set to true, NPCs will not spawn in a worldguard region that has invincibility or no pvp

commandMessageTagged: Allows server owners to set the custom message for the /ct command. [time] is replaced with the time left for the tag.

commandMessageNotTagged: Allows server owners to set the custom message for the /ct command when a player is not tagged.

sendMessageWhenTagged: When set to true, sends tagMessageDamaged to both players when they become tagged.

blockTeleport: When set to true, blocks teleports caused by plugins (BEWARE, THIS ALSO MAKES IT SO OTHERS CAN'T TP THE PERSON AWAY EITHER)

tagMessageDamager: Sent to attacker. [player] is replaced with the player they hit.

DropTagOnKick: When set to true, will cause players to stop being tagged when they get kicked from the server.

blockEnderPearl: When set to true, will block ender pearl teleports when tagged

onlyDamagerTagger: When set to true, will only tag the attacker and not the person who is hit

blockCreativeTagging: When set to true, will block people in creative mode tagging other players.

blockFlying: When set to true, will disable flight while a player is tagged.