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Historical code for Openverse.
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Openverse is a social network made by PF2M that allows you to discuss games, communities and more. With no over-protective administration or post limit, you're sure to have fun here!

...or at least, that's what it was supposed to be.


Not counting the originally-produced, now-defunct Japanese site Xboxverse, Openverse is the first Miiverse clone ever made, as well as my greatest disappointment. Development started on January 21st of 2017 as my first PHP project ever, starting with this outdated forum tutorial as a base. It was released 6 months later on July 22nd, and was shut down at the end of the same day due to a hosting issue and various glitches that still haven't been fixed. A week later, Arian Kordi's Closedverse started development as a rewrite of Openverse in Python, and was released in September to become the biggest Miiverse clone ever solely for being in the right place at the right time. Openverse's roots can be found in just about every other clone; when Arian first saw the site, he made his own take on the format named grape owing quite a bit to Openverse, and Cedar took a lot of inspiration from both clones. My own Indigo and Miiverse World can both be viewed as successors to Openverse, as they included many new features I wanted to add but never had the time to do. This especially applies to the latter, as it reused a few feature implementations and ideas.


Openverse's source code has been floating around since before the site's release thanks to Arian's leak, which was in response to my leak of grape, which was in response to him leaking some sensitive private messages I had with my now ex-significant other. However, that version has never been the "official" one; it contains many changes to fit his server, is made for NGINX instead of Apache (which usually isn't available on shared hosting), and is missing many site additions made since its leak. I've meant to release an updated version for over a year now, but never got around to it, until now. I wanted to try rewriting it a bit before release, but now that I've left the Miiverse clone scene there's really no point in doing that. I want to get everything I haven't released out into the open so I don't ever have to come back, and this is part of that initiative.

With that said, please do not make anything with this. Openverse's source code is horribly buggy and dirty, as my knowledge of PHP was very rudimentary at the time. It's barely optimized, commented or even formatted, and copies a lot of code from sites like Stack Overflow. Arian did quite a lot to fix it up, but never brought it to an acceptable level. If you had to get anything out of this, it'd be as an example of what not to do. I made many mistakes with this site that I don't want any future Miiverse clone/PHP developers to make, and you can find much better example code in the Miiverse World codebase. It's still not perfect code as I never got to finish that either, but I worked hard on making sure that it didn't make the same mistakes Openverse did.

To quote a Deltarune character: "Please understand that I only [released] it... So that you will never have to use it."


If you still want to run this after all I've told you, then here you go. Just don't say I didn't warn you...

  1. Copy the code to a public folder on an Apache server. (You may be able to use NGINX if you use the configuration from Arian's version, but it will likely be missing some pages.)
  2. Import structure.sql into a MySQL database.
  3. Edit /inc/settings.php to your liking, making sure to point it to your database.
  4. Create an account, give yourself admin through a database manager, and enjoy (?) your new Openverse instance!


Openverse is licensed under the MIT license, meaning that anyone can use and edit it to their liking as long as the license file is retained. Some of the content in this repository is owned by Nintendo and Hatena; no copyright infringement is intended.

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