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PRIS-CV: Computer Vision Group

CV Group , PRIS lab, School of Artificial Intelligence, BUPT


  1. Code release for The Devil is in the Channels: Mutual-Channel Loss for Fine-Grained Image Classification (TIP 2020)

    Python 229 37

  2. Code release for Fine-Grained Visual Classification via Progressive Multi-Granularity Training of Jigsaw Patches (ECCV2020)

    Python 180 45

  3. Code release for Your “Flamingo” is My “Bird”: Fine-Grained, or Not (CVPR 2021 Oral)

    Python 40 9

  4. OSLNet Public

    Code release for OSLNet: Deep Small-Sample Classification with an Orthogonal Softmax Layer (TIP2020)

    Python 42 3

  5. Weakly Supervised Attention Pyramid Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Visual Classification (TIP2021)

    Python 36 3

  6. DCRNet Public

    The repository contains the PyTorch implementation of "Duplex Contextual Relations for PolypSegmentation"

    Python 25 4


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