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Bug 6411 add another example to README.robots

Signed-off-by: Magnus Enger <>
Signed-off-by: Chris Cormack <>
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KohaAloha authored and ranginui committed May 30, 2011
1 parent e653e8c commit 2e8fe364cb4dc212c397874b894a306876c66d17
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@@ -5,13 +5,23 @@ look for the file /robots.txt. If this file is found and has lines that apply
to them they will do as instructed. A very basic robots.txt follow as an
# go away
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
This tells every search engine that cares (User-agent: *) to not index the site
(Disallow everything past /).
+Another slightly more intelligent robots.txt file example allows for some bot indexing (good for your site in google, etc), but also stops your Koha from getting thrashing by ignoring URLs that cause heavy search load
+# do some indexing, but dont index search URLs
+User-agent: *
+Disallow: /cgi-bin/koha/
If you have installed Koha to /usr/local/koha3 then this file would be placed
in the directory /usr/local/koha3/opac/htdocs/. This should prevent search
engines from browsing every biblio record, and every view of each record, on

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