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Music Hack Day 2013 - Automatic Barbershop
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Hopefully fixed clipping issues due to the pd patch, also hopefully f…

…ixing the broken callback system. Trying out a new, less radical, algorithm to generate the chords
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@Palmr authored


Want to be in a barbershop quartet but find your friends aren't pitch perfect? Why not employ the barbertron to join your quartet and turn one voice into 4 harmonised voices.

There's a live version where you only need a laptop, Pure Data, a microphone and a MIDI keyboard. But when you're on the road to those barbershop events why not use the phone-in version where you call a number, sing down the line and it calls you back shortly after with a barbershop version of your song.


  • Pure Data to do the 4 voiced barbershop effect
  • C++ and libpd to auto-barbershop phone calls
  • The Echo Nest to analyse how best to harmonise your phoned in song
  • Twilio to deal with phoning in a song
  • Soundcloud to store those sweet harmonies in your phoned in barbershop songs
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