LaTeX packages with fonts for CTAN and TeX Live


LaTeX packages with fonts for CTAN and TeX Live

This repository contains additional fonts for CTAN and, indirectly, TeX Live. A LaTeX package can be generated in each directory for a specific typeface. It will download the needed font files and create an archive that can be submitted to CTAN.

The typefaces and underlying font files are mainly for body texts. Each directory has documentation in a file called In there all information is needed for a complete submission of the generated package to CTAN.

The following CTAN topics are referred to in the documentation:

  • general topics (required):
    • font fonts them­selves
    • font-body font de­signed for use as body font for Latin-based script documents
    • font-bookhand fonts of scripts used for manuscript books
    • font-multilingual font with adaptations to several languages
  • language specific (which are applicable):
    • font-arabic fonts for type­setting arabic
    • font-cjk fonts for far eastern languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
    • font-arabic fonts for type­setting arabic
    • font-cyrillic fonts for Cyrillic and related scripts
    • font-egyptian hieroglyph fonts
    • font-greek font for Greek (archaic, classical and modern)
    • font-hebrew font for Hebrew script
    • font-thai font for type­setting Thai script
  • design specific topics (minimally one of each set):
    • font-sans Sans-serif font
    • font-serif Serif font
    • font-proportional variable-spaced font
    • font-mono monospaced font
  • optional additional topics (if special additional fonts are shipped):
    • font-maths fonts for use in mathematics
    • font-calligraphic calligraphic (or hand­writing) fonts
    • font-symbol fonts that provide collections of symbols
  • technology specific topics (minimally one of both):
    • font-otf font in OpenType format
    • font-ttf font available in TrueType format