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The minifier maintains a collection of URL/ID pairs, to allow for 'shortening' a URL and fast access to it. Example: ---> 3294

Lookups are ither by URL or ID.

The Minifier object saves and reads a URL/ID pair in a mongdb database. If the URL is not found , it's automatically created.

The CachedMinifier object is a Minifier that uses a cache (Memcached or Redis) to perform faster reads when looking up a URL or ID.


  from pminifier.minifier import CachedMinifier
  from pminifier.redis_cache_backend import RedisCacheBackend, cached as cache_decorator
  cache = RedisCacheBackend(host='localhost')
  minifier = CachedMinifier('localhost', 'minified_urls', cache, cache_decorator)
  minifier.get_id("", "test")