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Parx-GDI Canvas v0.1
Author, Kenneth Dwayne Lee :: Dob Jan 10, 1972
Files sorted & renamed
Dropt "CanvasPixel" opt "Pix" in calls
usage‬ &or examples are for purchase
& make way too 3dbrew, with brewery parts?
(Lady Zurich) v1.2 log
dept generic for
and added "mappable" from --> ../../kennyd-lee/ctru-pas-1.0.0/blob/master/3ds/
*SetRecEx, *SpaceFree append *Free Re:memory
lines 163, 128 ->
Engines name space &or their Device Context Handles, moved outside to new "savage" includes
TemplateLoadHDC, TemplateFreeHDC see notes in tycob.h &or our ../DESK
(Lady Zurich) v1.3 log
add GSP_FramebufferFormats --> ../Parx-Pas/blob/master/
append FloodFill --> ./include/Parx_Fill.h & ./source/Parx_Fill.c
append PalletFormats &
Github::mtheall use of pallet context handling of
bppixel, rgb2pixel, pixel2rgba
(Lady Zurich) v1.4 log (untested)
cleaned some defines moving code closer to portibal
append ParxLCD enum --> RefParx()
append RefParx function & MaxWidth in headers
fixed ordering of Top,Left,Height,Width, --> SetRecEx()
(Lady Zurich) v1.5 log
append lineSample, EllipseSample functions --> ./include/Parx_Buffer.h & ./source/Parx_Buffer.c &
(Lady Zurich) v1.6 log
headers tidy &or re-ordered for new release
defines removed --> append to Parx3DS.pas along with --> moved to new
R&D ForSale parx.pas --> PSetPix, BSetPix functions based on
24bit RGB, PTopRawLinear & BotRawLinear
R&D ForSale ParxPlus.pas --> GraphPix & GraphPixBot, TopMapLED & BotMapLED mapped version of
in theroy a "Pascal sub-system enabled Canvas-GDI" does merit and could rival, Pica200 with an OpenGL pushing ?