Nintendo 2DS & 3DS screens as canvas with both Get, Set for both Pixel & Region -->
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Kickstart, feels and has explained they are unable & "decline" too help me with "Parx GDI & Canvas, for both C & pascal"? as I'm the copyright owner & pioneer and proceeds acumulated "on behalf of, or inpart of this project or other derived works" remains the property of "Kenneth Dwayne Lee, Dob: Jan 10, 1972"!

I wrote "Athabasca U" were I was enrolled with,


(Please with out your "lovely" documentation & or further financial support. I fear your 3DS device will fall to no less than Marxist/Leninist/Nintendo pertain only to "VideoGame;by proxy; dictatorships")

& U half bin found under the influence of FPC, in politics of 3DS to a Computer science? U will be processed @ the academic inbreeding facilities immediately

quote end

##Re: Github :: "Three-DS" -->
"Parx-3DS" :: "Radio-Freedom" gnu c/c+ & "FPC-2.2.2", FreePascal & the "ctru-pas"
"extend the Parx-GDI :: C lib with Parx-Pas :: FreePascal stubs & templates!" ->

brief & Info:
FPC / FreePascal 3DS development testbed & bench sales & Info Contact: linkedin, Three-DS Computers :: Parx, twitter & the n3ds-freepascal or Look Me Up in cyberspace

#Two or three other personal request of all

please send on my behalf emailto: "Athabasca U" so I "Kenneth Dwayne Lee :: Dob. Jan 10 1972" may obtain rendering from their "Approval Program" of the alumni & or computer science faculty >>
Re: & in Co. Kenneth Dwayne Lee

Plus if U belive in Three-DS:Computers:Desk and Proliteriot's whom can build them?
& Make hast, look at any "computer language" and sit as Genral in this cause!

In my further, plans or todo's ... ##"Elaborate more of a GUI & other uses for arrays of any arbitrary pixels" is the future "in several more chapters" of this rag ###Beat'n black adam R&D in those bootblack southern Canadien's, really need to free Europe & Japan?

Any software works derive &or that make use of MUST include "web search quries" listed!
I'll retract these web search quries after some persons are charged with assalt & etc... & last: ++ what is use of a rental? Am I too solicit every last shit-head at the court house with this info -->

May I, digress with: R&D Live on Radio-Freedom Is your 3DS Nintendo's "GDI - Canvas" in C & Pascal three-way?

Get more info --> Parx, some just dabble, proliteriots nabble