Nintendo 2DS .. 3DS Parx-GDI &or Pascal staged "coup d'etat" of
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Any software works derive &or that make use of MUST include all files inclosed!

Parx-Pas (Lady Zürich -1.66)

Three-DS, Computers "Parx-3DS" GDI/Canvas public stubs

& the all new lee/riel 3D extentions

Give me passage from (the I? of BM &or PaySoft &or MircoPal) device context hell? Is fully functional Get&Set L/R/B centric 3D video display driver!

The, Southern Canadien Heritage Dictionary :defines: "Pioneer"

As a person who is among the first

a. to explore or settle a new country or area.

b. research and develop a new area of knowledge or activity.

1. Eg. "the pioneers of the Wild West" :synonyms: settler, colonist, colonizer, frontiers man/woman, explorer, trailblazer, bushwhacker

2. Eg. "an aviation pioneer" :synonyms: developer, innovator, instigate, groundbreaker, spearhead, institute, establish, found, founder, be the founding father/mother of, originate, set in motion, create, architect, creator

verb: pioneer; 3rd person present: pioneers; past tense: pioneered; past participle: pioneered; gerund or present participle: pioneering

May I, digress with: R&D Live on Radio-Freedom
Is your 3DS Nintendo's "GDI - Canvas" in C & Pascal three-way?

Get more info --> Parx is for hire, some just dabble, proliteriots nabble

AS LEGAL PROOF OF MY GENERAL CLAIMS TO "the Pascal computer language used on 2DS & 3DS Nintendo", computer "DESK's", ! aka derived & skinning Eg. "bureau/réception/pupitre/caisse etc" &OR (IN GAMES FOR APPROACH AT NINTENDO CORP.)

In short I, require we together enter in to a commercial product so please enjoy!

on yahoo -->
over the air usb hdtv tuner
voice over internet protocall
very small aperture satellite

& on Bing -->
very small aperture satellite
voice over internet protocall
over the air usb hdtv tuner

& last: may the Nintendo 3DS be with U, I've "asured the 2DS Empire a decade of Pascal", friend?