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PatternAgents DA7280 Haptic FeatherWing with integrated ADXL345 Accelerometer
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PatternAgents DA7280 Haptic FeatherWing with integrated ADXL345 Accelerometer

The Agent-DA7280-FeatherWing allows you to connect Adafruit Feather CPUs,
and/or Grove System Modules all at the same time, using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment. This gives you maximum flexiblity for sensor and actuator, selection and reuse.

The PatternAgents "Featherwing & Grovey Series" were designed as "Everyday Electronics", a no-frills, low cost, approach to modular embedded product design. "Featherwing & Grovey Series" boards are similar in size to most break-out-boards (BOBs), but feature a standardized stacking pinout.

Example Applications



Agent-DA7280-FeatherWing TopAgent-DA7280-FeatherWing Top Agent-DA7280-FeatherWing BottomAgent-DA7280-FeatherWing Bottom

Project Status

  • 02/01/2019 : Revision 1.0.0 Release for PCB fab

Revision 1.0.0 Notes:

  • Configure PWM and INT pins for variety of Feather CPUs...

Documentation Index

Assembly Diagram



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