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Pattern Agents

Open Source Design Patterns for Electronics

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  1. CAD : PatternAgents CAD Libraries and Models

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  2. thingSoC PSoC4L (Large) CPU Reference Design

  3. PatternAgents DA7280 Haptic FeatherWing with integrated ADXL345 Accelerometer


  4. Forked from joshnishikawa/MIDIcontroller

    A Teensy3.x library for creating both USB and Serial MIDI controllers with support for hold or latch buttons, potentiometers, encoders, capacitive sensors, Piezo transducers and other velocity sens…

    C++ 1

  5. PatternAgents Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) Input FeatherWing

  6. Forked from thingSoC/TSOC_NEOLED

    thingSoC NEOLED/WS2812 Driver (Eight to Sixteen Strings of LEDs)



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