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Twitter Share Button

The Twitter Share Button web component provides a simple and customizable interface for sharing URLs directly to Twitter.

  • Automatically uses the URL, title and description of the page when present
  • Allows you to override the URL and text to share to Twitter.
  • Allows you to configure the display with your own text and icons.
  • When combined with <share-button> element, it will automatically bind to the data from it's host component and be embedded in the share control.

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Customize the UI

<twitter-share-button>Twitter Button</twitter-share-button>

Add an image

<twitter-share-button href=""><img src=""></twitter-share-button>

Customize the URL to share

<twitter-share-button href=""></twitter-share-button>

Customize the text to share

<twitter-share-button text="Testing attribute">Attribute Text Test</twitter-share-button>

The full 9 yards

<twitter-share-button href="" text="Testing URL attribute">Attribute and URL Test</twitter-share-button>