Interfaces for commonly used .NET types like `File`, `Directory`, `Stream`, `Path`, `Math`, `Environment`, etc. for better testability.
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Interfaces for commonly used .NET types like File, Directory, Stream, Path, Math, Environment, etc. to be able to extend or to change the standard behavior and for better testability.

  • The interfaces have the same API like the .NET types
  • Support of .NET 4.5, .NET 4.6 and .NET Core

Read my blog ".NET Abstractions - It's not just about testing!" for more info about the design decisions I made.


Just use the interface like IFile instead of File.

More examples:

public class MyClass
    private readonly IFile _file;

    public MyClass(IFile file)
        _file = file;

    public void MyMethod(string filePath)
        bool exists = _file.Exists(filePath);

Usage of static types

The projects containing the interfaces provide adapters (wrappers) that are using the static .NET classes internally.

IFile file = new FileAdapter();

Usage of non-static types

Either use the adapters like with static types or use the extension methods in namespace Thinktecture.

FileInfo fileInfo = ...;

IFileInfo fileInfoInterface = fileInfo.ToInterface();

If you need back the .NET type i.e. to call a method that does not support the abstrations just call ToImplementation()

IFileInfo fileInfoInterface = ...

FileInfo fileInfo = fileInfoInterface.ToImplementation();

Resharper: if you are using Resharper then you will see another member UnsafeConvert(). This member is for implementers of the interface only and it is not intended to be used directly.


The projects are mirroring the .NET assemblies, i.e. if the class Stream is in System.IO.dll then the interface IStream will be in Thinktecture.IO.Abstractions.dll.


Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.Sockets: Socket, TcpClient, UdpClient, TcpListener, NetworkStream, ISocketAsyncEventArgs, LingerOption, SendPacketsElement.

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Net.Sockets.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.NetworkInformation: NetworkInterface, PhysicalAddress, IPAddressInformation, IPAddressInformationCollection, IPInterfaceProperties, IPInterfaceStatistics, IPv4InterfaceProperties, IPv6InterfaceProperties, UnicastIPAddressInformation, UnicastIPAddressInformationCollection, MulticastIPAddressInformation, MulticastIPAddressInformationCollection, GatewayIPAddressInformation, GatewayIPAddressInformationCollection.

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Net.NetworkInformation.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.Http: HttpClient, HttpContent, HttpRequestMessage, HttpResponseMessage, HttpHeaders, DelegatingHandler, HttpClientHandler, HttpMessageHandler, HttpMessageInvoker, MessageProcessingHandler, MultipartContent, MultipartFormDataContent, HttpContentHeaders, HttpRequestHeaders, HttpResponseHeaders.

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Net.Http.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.Primitives: IPAddress, IPEndPoint, NetworkCredential, EndPoint, Cookie, DnsEndPoint, SocketAddress, CookieCollection, CookieContainer, CredentialCache, TransportContext, ChannelBinding.

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Net.Primitives.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.IO.FileSystem.Watcher: FileSystemWatcher.

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.IO.FileSystem.Watcher.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.IO.FileSystem: Directory, File, FileSystemInfo, DirectoryInfo, FileInfo, FileStream, SafeFileHandle.

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.IO.FileSystem.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.IO: Stream, MemoryStream, BinaryReader, BinaryWriter, StreamReader, StreamWriter, StringReader, StringWriter, TextReader, TextWriter

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.IO.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.Text.Encoding: Encoding, Encoder, Decoder

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Text.Encoding.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for type in System.Runtime.Extensions: Path, BitConverter, Convert, Environment, Math, Random, UriBuilder, Stopwatch, WebUtility

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Runtime.Extensions.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.Runtime.Handles: SafeHandle, CriticalHandle, SafeWaitHandle

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Runtime.Handles.Abstractions


Provides interfaces for types in System.Runtime: StringBuilder, WaitHandle, EventArgs.

Nuget: Install-Package Thinktecture.Runtime.Abstractions