Crossplatform wxPython Pyinstaller GUI front-end
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Simple wxPython-based crossplatform Pyinstaller GUI front-end. Supports UPX, as well as some of the most common Pyinstaller options.

Tested on both Linux and Windows platforms, but is designed to work with Max OS X, though would appreciate input from any Mac users on how (or if) it works.



Easy-to-use, saves your preferences, allows for quick building of executable binaries. Built and tailored specifically for PyInstaller.

Supports the following common flags:

  • --onefile Single-file deployment
  • --ascii Do not include unicode encoding
  • --noconfirm Remove output directory without confirmation
  • --noconsole Windowed mode (no console on program launch)

Binaries are automatically saved in the same directory as the script file.



  • wxPython >=
  • Python >= 2.7.3 (not compatible with Python3)
  • PyInstaller >= 2.0 (PyInstaller 2.1 development version recommended)
  • configobj >= 4.7.2


  • UPX >=3.09


No installation needed. Just clone/download and run: python You may need to use: python2 if you have Python3 installed.


  • Click Options.
  • Select your Pyinstaller directory, and optionally, your UPX directory.
  • Select any flags you wish to pass to the installer.
  • Click OK, watch as your application builds.
  • Your dist folder and binary will be in the same folder as your Python script.

To Do

  • Save window size preferences
  • to enable pip installation.
  • Provide options for build/dist folder destinations
  • Provide option for manual flags
  • Test on Linux / Mac
  • Autodetect Python2 command line
  • Fix some bad path code (should be using os.path.join)
  • Fix preferences not saving on Linux
  • Fix pyinstaller path not saving
  • Move the pyinstaller subprocess to its own thread compromised by refreshing GUI as lines are output


I welcome all feature recommendations, issues, and contributions!