Offering Customization

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Offering Customization

There are many variables to consider while building your offering client. Here are some notable customization options to consider

  1. Shares generated - You can configure a specific number of shares to be mined using Proof-of-work in the first 400 blocks. After the first 400 blocks the client will switch from Proof-of-work to Proof-of-stake for the remainder of its lifetime. Any shares generated after this will be through block minting rewards unless you set the reward to zero.

  2. Share minting reward - Like coin wallets the Peershares portfolio uses Proof-of-stake minting to secure the network and produce blocks. You can set the reward for minting a block which will generate further shares. You can also set the reward to zero, which will ensure only the initially generated shares are the only ones in existance.

  3. Transaction Fee - You can configure how much it costs to send shares from portfolio to portfolio. The default setting is .01 shares per transactions.

  4. Distribution minimum of payout - Peershares minimizes the transaction fee by grouping transactions for those who are receiving dividends. The default is a maximum of 1000 recipients per transaction, so the fee is not 0.01 PPC per recipient, but a much smaller amount. To combat the potential vulnerability where someone is generating thousands and thousands of addresses to make the dividend distributor pay an excessive fee, there's a minimum payout amount. When someone's balance is under the minimum, the shareholder won't receive anything, and the amount is distributed among the other shareholders. In the default Peershares template the minimum payout is set to 0.01 PPC. This can be changed in the configuration, if the offerer would like to modify it (using distributionminpayout). This can be changed, as the needs of the network change, or, if needed, by the user who is sending out the dividends with an update to their peershares.conf file.

  5. Stake Spacing - Set the interval time before blocks should be minted. Peercoin has a stake space of 10 minutes between blocks.

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