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Freebox OS for Firefox
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Freebox OS for Firefox: fosfox


Fosfox is a Firefox extension to connect Freebox download manager to Firefox. It allows to download visited links from Firefox directly on your Freebox Revolution server. You can add files or torrents to the download manager and choose where to store it. While downloading, it displays the ETA of your downloads.


Download dialog:

Download dialog

Location chooser:

Location chooser

How to build

Fosfox is still in developpemnt so no stable build must be proposed to AMO for the now. It is a Jetpack addon so you need to install Jetpack SDK to build the addon. Then you could make a build in activating the SDK and packing the addon with:

cd jetpack-directory
cd fosfox-directory
cfx xpi

Development build

For early testers, you may have a look to the development build on realease page to give a try to this extension. Don't hesitate to post issue for bug, improvement or feature request.

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