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Collect / manage / work on a set of Perl Intro Talks
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Perl Intro Talks

Another attempt to collect a set of slides suitable to be used in Intro Talks during or before a Perl conference.

I want to help!

We have set up a few issues, so you can grab one of them and "fix" it (currently this mostly means some research, or even just creating more issues..)

Please feel free to submit new issues.

If you found a nice slidedeck or authored one yourself, either send us a pull request or join to group to get direct access (a commit bit!)

Repo structure

I prepared a few directories for a bit of structure:

  • meta: documents, notes etc about this group and process
  • talks: for regular talks (20 - 45 minutes)
  • tutorials: for 2 - 4h long tutorials on a topic
  • workshops: for interactive workshops with user participation

In each of those dirs, we should set up one directory that corresponds to a particular talk topic; within each of those there are one or more slide decks as well as a README file describing when each slide deck originated and the different times the corresponding talk has been delivered.


Code of Conduct

Until this team agrees to a more specific Code of Conduct, the Debian Code of Conduct and the Debian Mailing Lists Code of Conduct. We assume you are able to transpile the mailing list specifica to git-based collaboration.

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