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An administration mod for Natural Selection 2.
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An administration mod for Natural Selection 2.

The design goals are:

  • Be easy to extend and maintain.
  • Be easy for admins to use.
  • Be completely modular, everything is optional.

Latest changes

The latest changes can be found here.

Pull requests

If you wish to help out, feel free to send pull requests. Please see the style guidelines here and make sure you are merging into the develop branch, not master.


The mod will create its configuration files in config://shine.

The base config file will be called BaseConfig.json and will determine base settings and which plugins to load. Plugins will create their configs inside config://shine/plugins by default, you may change this if you wish in BaseConfig.json.

User data

User data will be loaded locally by default, from the file config://shine/UserConfig.json. On first run a sample file will be created. If you set 'GetUsersFromWeb' to true and provide a correct URL to a JSON file in 'UsersURL', Shine will load its users from there instead.

Further documentation

Further documentation is available at the wiki including default config files for each plugin and for the base config.

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