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Shine is a modular administration mod for Natural Selection 2 and NS2: Combat.

The Steam Workshop mod ID for Shine is: 706d242 for Natural Selection 2, and 13f20431 for NS2: Combat.

Please report all bugs either on the Workshop page or preferably here.


Commands in Shine are prefixed by sh_. This sets them apart from other mods and the builtin commands of NS2.

Shine's user system works on an immunity system. Players are given an immunity number, guests have immunity 0 and can be targeted by anyone with a named rank. Ranks can target only those with immunity lower (or equal if you set it) to their own.

You may configure as many ranks as you like, and can either give them a list of commands they can use, or a list of commands they can't use.

For information on configuring Shine and its plugins, see the links below.

Latest changes

The latest changes to the mod will be listed here or on the workshop's change notes page.

Setting up

To load the mod, add -mods "706d242" for Natural Selection 2, or -mods "13f20431" for NS2: Combat to your server's launch options. If you have other mods already there, then simply add the ID on the end, e.g. -mods "aa8da06 706d242".

Also ensure in your MapCycle.json file, there is a "mods" entry, and that the ID is also there, i.e

For Natural Selection 2:

"mods": [ "706d242" ]

For NS2: Combat:

"mods": [ "13f20431" ]

Shine has two base configuration files, BaseConfig.json and UserConfig.json. They are explained in the pages below. Plugins have their own configuration files stored separately.

Plugin information

These are all the plugins that are shipped with Shine.

Submitting changes

If you wish to contribute to the mod, feel free to send in pull requests. Please try to follow the style guide.

To add a new language translation, see this page for information:

For developers

If you want to create plugins for Shine, see these pages.



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