Grabs wallpapers from the top of day/week/month/year/all-time of any subreddit and sets it as your desktop background
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Author: NobodyMe

Link to project:

Edited Code Author: PeskyWabbit

Date: 08/31/2018

Version: 1.0

Python version: 3.5.0

OS: Microsoft Windows

This is a simple python script that downloads the first picture from the top of (timeframe) from the subreddit of your choice and sets it as your desktop wallpaper. To run, you will need Python3 installed on your computer and administrative rights on your user account.

The default settings in the args.ini file are set to download the top post of the week from but can be changed to your liking. Further, the "number" argument is how many of the top posts this script will try to download before quitting. This is useful on a sub that is heavy with text posts but still allows links.

An executable can be found in the releases section if you wish to run this on a Windows PC that does not have Python installed.