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General instructions to get Lotus/IBM Notes to install

Lotus/IBM Notes is generally only supported on LTS-version of Ubuntu. Since package names tend to change over releases, deb-files like this will typically fail to install because of their specific package requirements.

Chances are that things will work just fine, no matter what name the CUPS printing system package is.

There are three scripts that can be used to fix dependencies in Lotus/IBM Notes on debian based systems, more specifically Ubuntu.

  • to fix ibm-notes-9.0.1.i586.deb
  • to fix ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb
  • to fix ibm-lotus-notes-8.5.2.i586.deb

All scripts will unpack the package and create new ones postfixed with 'fixed'. Install the fixed package and everything should be ready for the next setup steps.

Distro compatability

The following distros have been verified:

  • Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 13.10
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 14.10
  • Debian 7
  • Debian 8

The following distro have been verified to work with 9.0.X

  • openSUSE 13.1 (oxygen-gtk in KDE with notes-wrapper-gtk2-rc)

The following distro has been verified to work with 8.5.X

  • openSUSE 12.3 (for Lotus Notes 8.5.2 & 8.5.3 with notes-wrapper-libgtk-fix)

Even though your distro is not a part of these cases are that it will work anyway. Please report if you have success/failure on other distros.


The script ends by telling you which dpkg command you can use to install.

This should be this:

$ sudo dpkg -i <filename>

The result might be that the system reports that the package can not be installed because of missing packages. You must then complete the installation by runnint this:

$ sudo apt-get install -f

This will force installation of all packages to resolve all package requirements.

Once done, you should now see 'IBM Notes' as application within the Office section of LMDE Desktop or from some other place depending on your desktop environment.

Now you are ready to do the post-install changes depending on the version of IBM/Lotus Notes your have installed.

For IBM Notes 9.0.x

IBM Notes works out of the box, except that weird things happen in relation to the oxygen-gtk theme that are used primarily in KDE. Notes will crash after sending email and many other places too. Selecting another theme avoids the crash - but do you realy whant to look at firefox in Raleigh?

Luckily this can be fixed by unsetting the GTK2_RC_FILES environment variable prior to starting notes, or by selecting a GTK theme other than oxygen-gtk in: Configure Desktop --> Application Apperance --> GTK


Just run 'make install90' to install the wrapper that reset the environment variable.

Installation - openSUSE 13.1

You can install the notes-wrapper script via an rpm to null GTK2_RC_FILES by installing notes-wrappper-gtk2-rc from the following repository:

This can be done by adding the repository, then running $ sudo zypper in notes-wrapper-gtk2-rc

The RPM will update the IBM Notes related .desktop files.

For Lotus Notes 8.5.x

Recent versions of Ubuntu and most likely all other distributions package GTK 2.23.3 ir higher. That version contains an optimization that somehow breaks Lotus Notes making it unable to draw things correctly on the screen. Things tend to get drawn as gray areas instead of real content. This software works around that problem.


On Ubuntu the required libraries can be installed by running the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev

On 64bit Ubuntu g++-multilib also needs to be installed.

$ sudo apt-get install g++-multilib


Run 'make' to build the library. Remember to have all the required libraries installed. Then run 'sudo make install85' to install the files and modify the desktop-file. You can now run Lotus Notes from application-menu on your desktop.

Installation - openSUSE 12.3

You can install the notes-wrapper script and related gtk fixes via an rpm by installing notes-wrappper-libgtk-fix from the following repository:

This can be done by adding the repository, then running $ sudo zypper in notes-wrapper-libgtk2-fix

The RPM will update the Lotus Notes related .desktop files.

Manual installation

To install copy the files 'notes-wrapper' and '' to the location of the 'notes' binary. For me it is in /opt/ibm/lotus/notes, but for you it might be different.

Now fire up Lotus Notes with the 'notes-wrapper'-script instead of 'notes'.

With the current version of Lotus Notes (8.5.2) on linux the system wide desktop-files is at /usr/share/applications/LotusNotes8.5.desktop. Editing that files changing the shortcut there, will make notes run for all local users.

Running IBM/Lotus Notes

Upon first laucnh of IBM Lotus Notes, it should start in the following order:

  • Display the Notes splash screen
  • Open a terminal window in front where you should Read and Accept the licence, or Abort. ** If you Accept, you will a few moments later see the Notes Setup window where you typically want to connect to an existing Domino server using your ID-file.
  • The rest is the same as for any other IBM Notes distribution.

Enjoy !