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MediaPlayer - Java Based Open Home UPnP Media Renderer

A fully open-source java project that uses the OpenHome API to implement a UPNP Media Renderer.

The MediaPlayer is Java based and so will work on a wide range of hardware and Operating Systems without the need to provide different install packages or recompile the code.


MediaPlayer provides a large support of OpenHome specific devices as well as standard UPnP devices.

To playback Media files, mplayer as well as mpd is used (based on your choice, this is configurable).

The combination of OpenHome as well as mpd does allow MediaPlayer to provide gapless playback (yes, gapless, for beneath 0€ ;-)).

We support the following UPnP and OpenHome Functionality:

Also supported is Apples AirPlay Receiver.

We have implemented a http-daemon to make it possible to:

  • Configure and control the whole application via a web-interface.
  • View the last 50 log events.
  • Display info about the currently playing track, providing info such as lyrics and info about the artist.
  • And if using the AlarmClock plugin you can also set a sleep timer from the web page.

The MediaPlayer is easily extendable via Plugins.

Right now, we have the following Plugins:


We have a Wiki where you can find the documentation

Installation Instructions

UPnP Support

MediaPlayer supports the following UPNP devices:

Media Servers

Control Points

  • Kinsky
  • Assent Control
  • PlugPlayer
  • eLyric
  • Lumin
  • BubbleUPnP/BubbleDS


MediaPlayer is made possible due to the support of the following people.

Name Contribution
Pete Hoyle Original Source Code
Ian Grant Service Scripts, Songcast repair mechanism
Markus M May OSManager, LastFM Plugin, Fullscreen Plugin, this webpage
Marcello Added support for setNextAVTransportURI in AVTransport service
Guus Design ideas, beta testing, proof reading and display wiring diagram

The AirPlay implementation is based on the RPlay source code by Benjamin de Callatay

If you are interested, we always welcome feedback or suggestions or if you want you could fork the project and apply your own changes.

Feedback and suggestions can be submitted here:

If you appreciate the Java MediaPlayer please support:

[Linn] ( Who produce top end Audio equipment whilst providing OpenSource Software. They also have their own record label.

[OpenHome] ( Who provide the ohNet API on which this MediaPlayer is based and who have provided great support whilst I have been developing the MediaPlayer.