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Created an image gallery using React and the Flickr API.
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To view this Project: (Make sure you have 'create-react-app' downloaded on your computer.) **Download project files @ **

  1. Apply for an API key at if you don't already have one.

  2. Create a FILE, titled 'config.js' inside the 'src' FOLDER of this project.

  3. Inside 'config.js', add your API Key to a variable and export it using this syntax:    const apiKey = 'YOUR API KEY';    export default apiKey;

  4. Open up your terminal and change directories to the downloaded project file 'react-flickr-gallery'

  5. Type npm start in your terminal to run the project.

  6. If nothing shows up, stop your terminal (CMD + C) or (Control + C), then type npm install to install the dependencies.

  7. Re-run the npm start command.

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