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Phantas0s Arch Install

Phantas0s rice

This is my scripts to install easily Arch Linux.

WARNING: This set of script should be used for inspiration, don't run them on your system.

If you want to try to install everything (I would advise you to use a VM) you just have to curl the first script and launch it. Follow the instructions. Don't expect a lot of choices though.

What's in there?

The first script will:

  1. Erase everything on /dev/sda (!!!)
  2. Create partitions
    • Boot partition of 200M
    • Swap partition
    • Root partition
    • Home encrypted partition

The second script install_chroot will:

  1. Set up locale / time
  2. Set up Grub for the boot

The third script install_root will:

  1. Create a new user with password
  2. Install every software specified in progs.csv
  3. Install composer (PHP package manager)

The fourth script install_user will:

  1. Try to install every software not found by pacman with aurman (AUR repos)
  2. Install my dotfiles

What software are installed?

Opening progs.csv will answer your question.