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huangyz0918 commented May 15, 2018

TBD in next month:

Basic knowledge about operation system

  • introduction about disk partitions (EFI && GPT && MSR).
  • introduction about Unix (Linux and Windows).
  • introduction about boot loaders and computer startup.
  • introduction about bootable devices and BIOS (compared with macOS).
fabriziopandini commented Nov 15, 2019

The skelethon for the kubeadm operator is there, but it is now necessary to write a bunch of unit test to ensure it works and avoid regressions

kubernetes/kubeadm#1919 adds the first set of unit tests; some of them have to be repeated for other controllers, and this issue is seeking for volunteers to pick up this work (as a whole or in small parts)

  • implement `o
cbrune commented Aug 16, 2018

It would be great for the project to use public continuous integration and provide a public dashboard of current build status.

Nice features that come to mind:

  • build every machine for every change
  • provide a decent dashboard to display the results

A big stretch goal would be to automate some tests. For that a first step would be to automate tests for the kvm_x86_64 virtual machine an

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