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Update Center for free SQL Developer Extensions
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Update Center for free SQL Developer Extensions


In July 2017 Oracle announced to release updates for SQL Developer on a quarterly basis. Installing multiple versions of SQL Developer on the same machine is not a problem. Therefore many developers install a new version as soon as it becomes available. On the first start SQL Developer offers to import the settings of the previous version. This works quite well for most settings. However, all third-party extensions must be installed manually afterwards. This is a cumbersome and boring task.

This repository maintains an update center for a set of freely available SQL Developer extensions to speed up the configuration of a new SQL Developer installation.

Considered SQL Developer Extensions

The following SQL Developer extensions are included in the update center:


Click the Help menu and select Check for Updates…. Press the Add button to register the update center . For this URL a redirect to is configured. The content is synchronized by GitHub based on the docs/sqldeveloper.xml in the master branch of this repository.

Add Update Center

Then press Next > to show the available updates. Select the updates you want and press Next > to start the download process.

Select Updates

Wait until all updates are downloaded and press Finish.

Finish Wizard

Restart SQL Developer to install the downloaded updates.

Restart SQL Developer


Please file your bug reports, enhancement requests, questions and other support requests within Github's issue tracker.


sqldev-update is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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