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Photon Vision

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PhotonVision is the free, fast, and easy-to-use computer vision solution for the FIRST Robotics Competition. You can read an overview of our features on our website. You can find our comprehensive documentation here.

A copy of the latest Raspberry Pi image is available here. A copy of the latest standalone JAR is available here. If you are a Gloworm user you can find the latest Gloworm image here.

If you are interested in contributing code or documentation to the project, please read our getting started page for contributors and join the Discord to introduce yourself! We hope to provide a welcoming community to anyone who is interested in helping.


Gradle Arguments

Note that these are case sensitive!

  • -PArchOverride=foobar: builds for a target system other than your current architecture. Valid overrides are winx32, winx64, macx64, macarm64, linuxx64, linuxarm64, linuxarm32, and linuxathena.
  • -PtgtIp: deploys (builds and copies the JAR) to the coprocessor at the specified IP
  • -Pprofile: enables JVM profiling


Gradle is used for all C++ and Java code, and NPM is used for the web UI. Instructions to compile PhotonVision yourself can be found in our docs.

You can run one of the many built in examples straight from the command line, too! They contain a fully featured robot project, and some include simulation support. The projects can be found inside the photonlib-java-examples and photonlib-cpp-examples subdirectories, respectively. The projects currently available include:

  • photonlib-java-examples:
    • aimandrange:simulateJava
    • aimattarget:simulateJava
    • getinrange:simulateJava
    • simaimandrange:simulateJava
    • simposeest:simulateJava
  • photonlib-cpp-examples:
    • aimandrange:simulateNative
    • getinrange:simulateNative

To run them, use the commands listed below. Photonlib must first be published to your local maven repository, then the copyPhotonlib task will copy the generated vendordep json file into each example. After that, the simulateJava/simulateNative task can be used like a normal robot project. Robot simulation with attached debugger is technically possible by using simulateExternalJava and modifying the launch script it exports, though unsupported.

~/photonvision$ ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

~/photonvision$ cd photonlib-java-examples
~/photonvision/photonlib-java-examples$ ./gradlew copyPhotonlib
~/photonvision/photonlib-java-examples$ ./gradlew <example-name>:simulateJava

~/photonvision$ cd photonlib-cpp-examples
~/photonvision/photonlib-cpp-examples$ ./gradlew copyPhotonlib
~/photonvision/photonlib-cpp-examples$ ./gradlew <example-name>:simulateNative


PhotonVision was forked from Chameleon Vision. Thank you to everyone who worked on the original project.


PhotonVision is licensed under the GNU General Public License

Meeting Notes

Our meeting notes can be found in the wiki section of this repository.