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Minimalist, modular, modern PHP development that gives respect to existing web technologies.

Minimalist, modular, modern PHP development

PHP.Gt is a collection of web development tools that make up the PHP.Gt WebEngine — an application development toolkit aimed at streamlining development and respecting web standards.

Web frameworks offer many features, but often come with steep learning curves or imposing rules. The motivation behind this project is the belief that what a framework can offer can be achieved by eliminating code rather than adding more.

Get to know PHP.Gt


Jump right in to some full featured tutorials, or follow the getting started guide for a good overview of the development process in WebEngine applications.

Take a look at some example applications made in WebEngine, all with open source code so you can comb through the nuts and bolts and learn in your own time.

The Document Object Model (DOM)

Modern web development is underpinned by the DOM, but using its benefits is usually constrained to the client-side.

Having a full-featured DOM in your server-side code enhances the way dynamic pages can be built. Utilising a standardised object-oriented interface means the page can be ready-processed as Multi-page Applications (MPAs), benefitting browsers, web servers, content delivery networks and end-users.

On top of the standard DOM API, you can take advantage of intuitive templating, server-side validation, and more.

Bring your own database

The Object Relational Mapper (ORM) automates database persistence, but allows you to get your hands dirty with custom SQL queries when you need to.

There's no database connection made until you use one, so you're not forced to use any technologies until they're a requirement of your application's functionality - sometimes a file in a directory, or a CSV file is all you need!

For full-stack developers

Client-side development is handled automatically through the build process. A sensible set of default build steps can be extended when needed.

A micro framework on the client side gives your pages live updates and transitions out of the box.


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    Rapid development engine that is minimalistic and ergonomic in design.

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    Install PHP.Gt/CliTools for `gt` command access.

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    [in-development] The PHP.Gt website.

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