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Smart and Clean lockscreen with unlocking gestures
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A smart and clean lockscreen replacement for android with unlocking gestures

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Current version : 6.0.1

Intrdouction :

There is a punch of lockscreens for android Devices, but only little have the simplicity + awesome features, so we decided to save the world and create this lockscreen replacement. This is not a coffee machine or your dishwasher,just an innovative lockscreen project that is still developing.

About Project :

This is a result of combinining the best of each lockscreen in the platforms and adding our own touch to get the best lockscreen ever.

Pi Locker is the lowest ram consuming lockscreen ever.

Enjoy Our Experience.

Pi locker :

The only locscreen that is professional and opensourced, you cannot only customize the lockscreen, but fork the code and build your own lockscreen, because you deserve this and we support openness.

Features :

-Clean interface

-Light weight

-Ram friendly

-Smooth on low end devices

-Customizable text

-Customizable text color

-Battery percent

-Lockscreen Gestures

-Changeable background image

-Changeable background color

-Emergengy unlock

-Show/Hide statusbar

-Pin security

-Custom Notification

-Calls and Messages counter

-Whatsapp Tick notification

This App was features on XDA Developers' portal 2 Times and more websites too.

Downloads :

XDA Thread :

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