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A kind of personal Gentoo overlay with various stuff, that can be useful not only for me :-)
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app-emulation remove dynamips ebuild, cause it is merged into main portage tree now
app-misc/itmages-service app-misc/itmages-service: EAPI 5, migrate to distutils-r1 and git-r3 …
app-mobilephone/gammu gammu: version bump to 1.32.0
app-pda/synce-librtfcomp initial commit
app-portage/findcruft initial commit
dev-libs/libb64 dev-libs/libb64: drop unused static-libs USE-flag
games-emulation/pcsx-r remove mednafen 0.9.21 ebuild because it is in main tree now
games-puzzle/braid games-puzzle/braid: replace USE 'audio' with USE 'sound' in media-lib…
games-rpg/dear-esther Add ebuild for Dear Esther with improved Russian locale support
games-server/mednafen-server fix category for mednafen-server(must be in games-server, not in game…
games-strategy/hedgewars change Qt4 dependencies due to qt packages move into dev-qt/ category
games-util/ttyhlauncher games-util/ttyhlauncher: fix Manifest
kde-misc/kwalletcli Drop kde-misc/serverstatuswidget live ebuild, because source reposito…
licenses add ebuild for sgopherd and license for it
media-libs/sdl-net Drop media-libs/hupnp-ng, it's in main portage tree for a long time
metadata add metadata parameters, gitignore file is taken from kde overlay, ju…
net-analyzer Add ebuild for LightSquid
net-firewall/vuurmuur remove ipt_netflow - it is in main tree now
net-ftp/tftp-hpa remove old version of tftp-hpa
net-irc/psybnc net-irc/psybnc: add fix from bug #390389
net-libs/libvuurmuur add ebuilds for vuurmuur latest snapshot
net-misc net-misc/utm5: do not install symlink to incompatible Mysql client li…
profiles fix repo name
sets Fix category for packages in my KDE set
x11-apps/spotlighter x11-apps/spotlighter: fix build with ENABLE_NLS
x11-misc x11-misc/qtdiscs: adjust checksum in Manifest
x11-plugins/cairo-dock-plugins remove compiz plugins, because they are unmasked in main tree
sets.conf fixing repo_name in sets.conf
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