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set -ev
# run unit test (--ci: use phantomjs browser)
npm test -- --ci
# apply /#/ style router for SPA
git apply ./gh-pages-patch.diff
# run build
npm run build
# copy unit test coverage report to build folder
cp -r ./source/test/unit/results/coverage/lcov-report ./build/coverage
# rename _common to common cause github pages dose not support this
mv ./build/coverage/app/components/_common ./build/coverage/app/components/common
sed -i 's/href=\"app\/components\/_common/href=\"app\/components\/common/g' ./build/coverage/index.html
# push build folder to github
cd build
# git init
git init
# inside this git repo we'll pretend to be a new user
git config "Travis CI"
git config ""
# The first and only commit to this new Git repo contains all the
# files present with the commit message "Deploy to GitHub Pages".
git add .
git commit -m "Deploy at `date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"`"
# Force push from the current repo's master branch to the remote
# repo's gh-pages branch. (All previous history on the gh-pages branch
# will be lost, since we are overwriting it.) We redirect any output to
# /dev/null to hide any sensitive credential data that might otherwise be exposed.
git push --force --quiet "https://${GitHub_TOKEN}@${GitHub_REF}" master:gh-pages > /dev/null 2>&1
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