A simple effect that will recolour an image to look like it was taken with a night vision camera.
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Pinta Night Vision Effect

This is a simple effect, that will recolour your image to look like it's been taken with a night vision camera. Afterwards you can apply the Noise effect for an even better look!


  • It has lib copies of the current Pinta.Core and Pinta.Tools to build against, and they currently need manual updating. (Need to look into automatic updates here.)

  • It builds a single dll that needs to be copied to Pinta's bin folder (when developing) or Pinta's install folder (installed Pinta). It is setup for automatic building and distribution via Pinta's addin server.


Anyone wishing to contribute translations can do so by editing NightVisionAddin/.addin.xml and adding translated strings there, using the "nb" translation strings as examples.


All bugs should be reported to the issue tracker on this Github page, not to the main Pinta bug tracker.


As with the rest of Pinta, this is licensed under the MIT/X11 license.