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Simple Gtk# Paint Program

Updated May 23, 2016

HTML 3 2


Publish community-made addins for Pinta by adding them here!

Updated Apr 29, 2016

HTML 0 2


Theme and content for the Pinta website

Updated Apr 25, 2016


An add-in for Pinta that allows you to upload images directly to internet sites such as imgur.

Updated Mar 1, 2015


A demo extension for Pinta, for tutorial and development use.

Updated Mar 1, 2015


A custom brush for Pinta.

Updated Mar 1, 2015


An addin for Pinta to provide support for the WebP image format.

Updated Feb 23, 2015


Open source library providing over 30 image effects to be easily used in any application. Powers the open source drawing application Pinta.

Updated Jan 17, 2015


A simple effect that will recolour an image to look like it was taken with a night vision camera.

Updated Oct 5, 2014

This was experimental work, which is not curently being used!

Updated Oct 4, 2014

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