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The Raspberry Pi of bioreactors

Frustrated by the high price tag on bioreactors, we decided that the science community deserved better. Our goal is to save people like us both time and money by creating affordable, flexible, easy-to-use biology products.

Pioreactor is part of the trend in democratizing biology. The release of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer sparked the imagination of programmers, hardware hackers, and others. We want the Pioreactor to be a platform that provides similar opportunities for creativity in microbiology.

We're witnessing a growing interest in biology innovation, fermentation, and how microbes interact with humans and the planet. We designed the Pioreactor to be both accessible and powerful, so anyone in the world can participate in the growing excitement around microbiology and biotech.


  1. pioreactor Public

    Hardware and software for accessible, extensible, and scalable bioreactors. Built on Raspberry Pi.

    Python 57 3

  2. Web UI for the Pioreactor

    Python 3 1

  3. Access the hardware PWM of a Raspberry Pi

    Python 36 8

  4. This is the source of plugins displayed in the Pioreactors `/plugins` page

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