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Migrate Funds to Sapling Address

Linux and macOS (OSX)


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Important Notes

  • 15th February 2019 is the deadline, you must migrate all your sprout funds to sapling (after the deadline sprout addresses and their operations will be disabled)
  • It can take few hours to complete (specially if you have tons of mined funds in small utxo sizes)
  • Make sure not to close the daemon aggressively in the middle of migration process
  • If you run the stop command, it will finish the current operation, then the daemon will stop
  • Once the process finishes you will see notification message in console
  • Press Enter button on your keyboard to Finish.

zmigrate best practices

  • Finish the process as soon as you can, don't leave it for later
  • Once you are done with migrating the funds, take a backup of the private key of your sapling address(s)
  • Stop the daemon
  • Backup the wallet.dat file first in a safe place then delete it from data dir
  • Start the wallet again
  • Import the sapling address(s)'s private key and start a fresh wallet
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